Welcome to our NEW show: Live w/MainStreet

We’re three financial experts from across the country; from the East Coast to the West Coast and – Sin City; an eclectic mix of personalities; a baby boomer, a gen-x and a gen-y.

We’re rarely in the same spot. But when we are, sparks fly – and we see dollar signs.

When our minds meet, we distill discourse on the hottest financial planning strategies and answer questions in rapid succession. We even sport guest experts and colleagues to share their thoughts on the marketplace today.

 Mark your calendars for the second Friday of each month at 12:30pm EST/9:30pm PST.

We’ll bring the skills and the expertise – you just bring your open mind and wallet that wants to get a little thicker. See you then!

Anna, Jim & Eric

1st Episode is scheduled for June 10th, 2016 12:30pm EST/9:30pm PST

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