Live W/ MainStreet - Ep. 9

This month's focus at MainStreet is Motivation: Love. Just this week In a

survey on romance and finances conducted by Money and

SurveyMonkey more than half of the respondents said they would choose

$1 million per year for the rest of their lives over finding true love!!!

Wow, that is a shocking!! Don’t you think???

I am not here to judge, because let’s face it whatever your motivations are

and whether you chose a million dollars or a true love you will have to

deal with your finances once way or the other.

In today episode we would like to discuss some of the key points

because we as financial planners approaching your questions and life

situations with the position of what are the best choices you can make

with your money!

1. Jim - estate planning

2. Anna- Money dates

3. Eric- Pre-nuptial Agreements people-would- choose-a- million-dollars-over- true-love/

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