Live w/Jim & Anna, Ep. 25: Last Episode

Questions discussed:

  1. I just purchased a new car and my insurance premium increased. What can I do to lower it down?
  2. Should I cash out my traditional IRA to help pay down for my student loans? I just graduated and have $36,000 in student loans. My IRA balance is $10,000.
  3. ‍Should I plan on using my home equity in retirement?  I saw a story on this recently
  4. ‍I've been paying what is now $550 a year for a home warranty plan for the past eight years. Should I continue paying or just save the money for an HVAC system in the future which I think might be my  biggest expense?
  5. ‍ If I change a 529 college savings plan from one state to another, do I have to pay any tax or fees?
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