012: How to Jump-start your savings

I’ve been waiting to talk to you about saving more. We all want to do it, but life just gets on the way. We have debt to pay off, things we want to enjoy and a ton of other reasons why we can’t do it now.

Here are 2 very easy steps to Jumpstart your savings:

1. Spend less to enjoy it more

You don’t always have to show off. Pumping up your savings doesn’t have to mean forgoing all the fun stuff you can do with money. Focus on using your dollars in the way most likely to make you happy. Here is an example, do you always have to get a latte for $4 at Starbucks, or maybe you can just get a regular cup of coffee which is 50% cheaper or even make one at home. You still get your coffee fix.

2. Save as a team

You’ll build savings faster if you do so with your significant other. It helps to match up sacrifices. For example if one partner give us cable TV subscription, then other has to maybe buy less Starbucks coffee and make more at home.

Don’t forget to Money Date to keep each other on track!

Let me know what you going to do to get your savings pumped!

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