100: Let's have a loud money conversation

Today’s episode marks 100 Daily Juices of various money conversations over the last few months.

I started this show, because I wanted to spend 2 minutes per day to talk about one important money-related issue, teach you something new, encourage and have a conversation. So far, so good! I actually learned a lesson myself. I’ll share that with you shortly.

It’s often said, that religion, sex & politics are taboo topics. Yes, everyone loves to talk about every single one of these areas. Have you read the news lately?

I find Money & Personal finance is one of them too, but not many love to talk and pay attention. But it doesn’t have to be!

We need to have loud, consistent conversations about our finances. We also need to have more accountability to ourselves. As we all can agree that we live in the material world, we need to allow for extra attention for our finances to succeed and reach our goals.

I’ve been talking about year-end planning financial moves and starting to think about next year.

I challenge you to set a goal, a Money oriented goal or a target for yourself, tell someone about it, so that they can help you follow thru.

I would love to know what your Money goals are for 2017.  

As for me, Looking forward to the next 100 episodes of consistent delivery!

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