096-Holiday Financial Stress

Today I want to talk about financial stress over the holiday season how to cope with it.

Let’s begin by understanding that stress is a state (mental or emotional) which we inflict upon ourselves, when there are a lot of activity going (entertaining, gift buying, family visits, etc.) and we have no control over it. We often blame other people, external events for stress that we are experiencing.

We also know that holidays come and go every year, but what we can do differently this year is how we respond and react to the external events.

So, let’s begin:

By solidifying in our mind what is important to you and your family? - Is spending a ton of money on gifts?

- If yes, then do it. I hope you’ve saved for it. Or if you didn’t, figure out how to make a few extra bucks to cover these extra expenditures.

Ways to earn extra income:

-Rent your stuff

-Sell your Stuff

-Earn extra income

-Increase your income

- If your finances don’t allow for that kind of spending this year, then don’t do it. I the last few episodes I talked about creative ideas for gifts that don’t require a lot of money. Check out this episode: Holiday Gift Ideas- Non Monetary Gifts

Remember you should only worry about what YOU can control.

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