091: Holiday prep- Earn income (Review your spending)

This is the least fun way to earn a few extra bucks for your holiday spending. From my experience as financial planner for over a decade, I see this day in and day out and I also must confess, I am guilty of this as well.

Many of us don’t have an idea of what we spend, we don’t track it.

I use www.mint.com to help me passively track my transactions. I also have a good intuition and for that I allow myself to use credit card, but I pay it off completely at the end of each month.

I challenge you to sit down, pull your bank account statements, your credit card or if you use an spending aggregation service like www.mint.com that should give you a good summary.

Take a look at the list. Is there anything you can eliminate? (For tips see episodes 068: Financial Detox: Audit income and expenses and 069: Financial Detox: Unsubscribe)

I bet if you sit down and spend 30 minutes looking thru your statements you will find a few hundred dollars.

I am curious to find out what were you able eliminate and how much did you save?

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