089: Holiday prep- Earn income (Sell your stuff)

We are continuing our discussion the ways to earn extra income to support our spending habits this holiday season.

Spring cleaning came early! Why wait till spring?? Let’s start the New Year light and clean.

I am sure, you own extra stuff in your closets that could be sold. You just need to do an inventory. It could be electronics you no longer use, clothing (ladies especially) last season purses and shoes,you probably will not wear, furniture. How about books? I’ve got a ton. I always thought that if I owned a lot of books, I’ll look smarter, but come to realization, that it’s not true.

There are number of place to put your items for sale:



-Local consignment stores often will pay a few bucks for your slightly worn items


I know that this one might take some time to get going, but I am convinced that not only you will declutter your space, but you will also earn a few bucks.

Let me know what other items you think you can get rid off and places to sell them.

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