069: Financial Detox: Unsubscribe

Yesterday, I’ve started a discussion about Financial Detox. Oh, boy, don’t we all need it?

Our first step on this path is to Audit Income & Expenses.

This is the first step is the most difficult to take, because it makes us face the reality of our situations. I feel your pain, but until we know where we stand we can’t make changes. Right?

Once we identify where we are with our income and expenses, let’s look at the power of “Unsubscribe”!

What services are you paying for on the monthly, quarterly or yearly basis that you don’t use? Examples:

-cable subscription

-land line

-Netflix, Hulu

-Gum membership

My rule of thumb for deciding to unsubscribe is 3 months. If you haven’t used the service for over 3 months, why pay for it?

This exercise shouldn’t take very long time. Get your credit card and checking account statements out and look thru what recurring monthly transactions.

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