058: Catching up after a vacation

I am back from a 10 day vacation outside of the country. I’ve had a blast and was able to completely disconnect. Today is the first day back to work.

I am curious if you have any suggestions or tips on what hacks you have after a long vacation?

Here are my hacks:

  1. Come back a day earlier. I was home on Saturday evening and had all Sunday to catch up on sleep (big jet lag, 10 hour difference with Europe), to do laundry and buy groceries.
  2. Check your credit card bank accounts. Although wifi is free throughout Europe, I didn’t want to take the risk and login into my accounts while abroad. I mostly used cash for purchases, but did charge a few transactions on a credit card. I just want to make sure nothing unusual was going on.
  3. I did check my emails every day and created a special folder for what I will have to do today. Even though I was completely disconnected, I didn’t want to come back to a pile of unread emails.
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