037: How often should I pay attention to my money?

This question come up a lot. And the answer is…..you’ll have to listen till the end to find out! One of my favorite quotes by Grant Cardone: “Money is like a jealous lover, ignore it and it will ignore you, or worse it will live you for someone who makes it a priority.”

So with that in mind, the weekend is here...it’s time to look at your finances.

Remember, Money date concept I introduced not too long ago. It’ doesn’t take a lot of time.

Sit down and ask your these 5 questions:

1. Review your goals

2. How much money did you make?

3. How much money did you save?

4. Has your debt increased or decreased?

5. Do you anticipate any unusual expenses?

You will see that, just this small exercise will bring you back to reality. The bottom line, it’s your money and only you can be in control.

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