019: Should you worry about the market volatility?

It’s a hot topic for many investors right now. Should I worry about Brexit, the stock market went down on Friday and Monday, what should I do? How does this affect me?

Points discussed:

-Remember that there are things you can control in life, such as decisions you make and actions you take, and there are things you and I have no control over, such as market going up and down.

Review- what your financial and life goals.

-When was the last time you sat down and re-assessed your situation.

- What are your goals?

- Have they changed recently?

-Rebalance your portfolio

-Diversified low cost investments (index funds & ETFs)

-If no financial plan, then work on building one and align it with your portfolio

And lastly, Turn off the TV and go do something today that you can control!

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