008: Money Basics: How to Think About Money

‍Many people have complicated feelings about money — from being intimidated by it, to associating wealth with being greedy, to hating it. This can lead to the thinking that finances shouldn’t be a priority or you can’t be successful at it. But it’s not true at all. Money is not root of all evil.

What I learned from personal experiences is that whenever I don’t like something or you hate doing a certain activity most likely I was lacking the basic knowledge about it. Once I understood that, then things started to improve for me.

The goal now become to get skills, learn and get clear about a concept or an activity you don’t understand. Now I am not saying you have to get a financial planning degree like I did and make a career out of it. But you can start with baby steps. Learn just one concept at a time, or per day.

I created my show Daily Juice to help you get better with your finances and gain more control.

The goal I have for you is is to get to a place where you actively care about finances and the solution to that is to be actively involved and continue learning. The feeling of being in control of your money priceless!

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